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Welcome to The Wellspring

Your body is a wellspring of health potential. If you’ve manifested dis-ease in your body, like cancer, it’s not a matter of killing the virus or abnormal cells; rehabilitating your body from disease is a matter of eliminating the toxins that feed it. The Wellspring Healing Retreat Home Programs are designed to help your body eliminate toxicity, while strengthening all of your individual systems, in the comfort of your own home.

This is a healing revolution. Everyone, from all walks of life, can access the education and support they need to heal from their home.

Each individual healing retreat home program is deeply personal, intimate and private. We guide you in discovering your path to wellness through our carefully blueprinted combinations of natural life enhancing techniques. The Wellspring Healing Retreat Home Program assists you in detoxifying and nutritionally balancing your body; transforming non-productive lifetime habits.

The Wellspring Healing Retreat Home Program will give you the emotional and physical awareness’s you’ll need to continue rebuilding your wellbeing after ending your distance program. Sharon Reynolds and staff provide you with the kind of one-on-one guidance and expertise that’s necessary when challenging the beliefs and decisions that created disease in the first place.

Call or email Sharon today and receive a whole new infusion of perspective about your experience with dis-ease and dis-harmony in your body!

Healing & Wellness Programs, Consultations, Education, and Wachters’ Organic Sea Products are available with The Wellspring.

Healing Retreat Home Programs

Wachters' Products

We create healing and detoxification retreat programs that are designed to be implemented in the comfort of your own home. The Wellspring Healing Retreat Home Programs are individual, intimate and address your experiences at the core level of emotional and physical causation. Take your journey to wellness with us as your guide to an unforgettable experience back to health and vigor.

Wachters's Organic Sea Products, made from sea vegetation, the richest food on our planet, have consistent alive energy insuring full absorption and utilization of the nutrients. Wachters' products have a natural cleansing ability innate within each formulation which aids optimal health.

Awake & Intuitive Eating Therapy

Nutritional Microscopy

To truly reach your healing and health potential you must awaken to your body's natural wisdom. At The Wellspring we offer Nutritional Therapy that is geared to discovering your body's innate voice, addressing the emotional and habitual aspect of eating.

Nutritional Microscopy is a tool which can help determine the current health of your blood and help direct you towards appropriate nutrition and dietary supplements to improve blood health where needed.